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The creative arts convey the myriad emotions and perspectives that we all experience and share. Join us and share your pieces of music and visual, literary and performing arts.

Economy & Labour

Economy and labour: for some these terms have a clear cur definition, for others they are in constant flux. What is work? Who contributes to the economy? How does it affect us? Check out the wonderful works contributed to this topic and then share your thoughts – and your media!


Learning can be both a very personal experience and a collective endeavour. Whether carried out in a classroom or throughout the experiences of our daily lives, we rarely learn in isolation. Here you can find out how others view education and learning, and share your stories too.


From birds to fish, from mountains to rivers, this is a space to share with others how you interact with the environment.


Views on gender are constantly evolving and changing, being debated in public and discussed in private. Share your media on gender, and keep the discussion going.


Easy to take for granted until we lose it, health issues can be both hotly debated or easily overlooked. Keep reading & viewing to delve into the discussion about health.

Human Rights

Human rights may have been enshrined in a United Nations declaration in 1948, but they are also the moors and norms meant to frame how we interact with one another both on an individual and on a societal level. From war crimes to access to water, share your media on human rights here.


It can be difficult enough navigating life in one's hometown. But choosing or being forced to uproot and begin again can be a turbulent experience. From the nuances of immigration policy to refugee migration to making new friends, join the conversation about immigration in the 21st century.


Media plays an immeasurable role in our lives; from local radio stations in the most remote villages on the planet to the visual bombardment of neon billboards in our cityscape. This topic gathers a wide range of works on a self reflexive voyage through our collective media practise.
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Skills for Success

Skills for Success

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From 'the personal is political' to the Canadian Parliament, to Native Band Councils, our world is organized around political movements. Through our love and curiosity of the body politic, this Topic presents a large variety of media works examining all aspects of our political lives. Have something to say, get on the media soap-box and contribute!


With rising poverty rates across Canada and much of the industrialized world, this is an increasingly popular theme. A look at the increasing gap between the haves and have-nots through media projects and poems from people who want to see poverty and homelessness become a thing of the past.

Racial Justice

Amazingly, racism is still alive and well in many societies. How does this impact people directly and also in more subtle ways. This topic examines the ugly underbelly as well as moments of glory on the path to racial justice. Have a look and then, have your say... upload something to this topic!


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