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We invite you to read the following text containing the rules applicable to the use of this site. These Terms and Conditions are for the use of the CitizenShift Web site and do not extend to other NFB Web sites and projects.

If you are under 18 years old, please show these Terms and Conditions to your parents or legal guardian before uploading content to this site.

In using the CitizenShift Web site, whether as a visitor or as a collaborator, you implicitly and without exception, accept these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions may be updated or changed at anytime and without notice. You will be prompted to reaccept them the next time you log in to the site after a change has been made. We invite you to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time.


At CitizenShift, we respect the intellectual copyright of all materials appearing on our site. All content is protected according to copyright and other laws applicable in Canada and in the rest of the world. Please respect the licences attributed to the works found on this site.

As a visitor to the site:

- You are free to browse through and view/listen to all content exhibited, including the streaming and/or downloading of certain elements. All content is offered for personal or group use, as long is there is no further sale, rental, or commercial distribution of any of the content, in whole or in part, or use in any other way for financial or commercial gain without prior written consent. Also, in using this site, you must at all times respect the copyright and moral rights of the authors of works appearing.

- You may forward certain content elements of this site via email, social bookmarking or by publishing an embedded link to another Web site or blog, as long as they include copyright information and/or links back to the original authors of the content and the CitizenShift Web site.

Visitors are also invited to comment on any of the content displayed on the site, as well as add tags (keywords), whether they are subscribed as a collaborator with this site, or not.


All visitors to the site may sign-up and become collaborators by filling out their profile. Profiles must contain true and accurate information, including a valid email address where you can be reached. Only other collaborators who are logged in can see your email address.

Once signed in, a collaborator can:

- Propose content to the site in the form of video, audio, photos, articles, Word, PDF and PowerPoint documents as well as links to other Web sites.

- Collaborators who contribute content to CitizenShift attest that they hold all rights and authorizations needed for distribution on the Internet, including music, stock footage, photographs and/or graphics contained within the work.

- Collaborators must choose either a Creative Commons licence, or a pre-arranged CitizenShift licence agreement for each and every work submitted to the site. To arrange for a CitizenShift licence, please contact us before uploading your proposed content.

- Collaborators maintain the ownership of their works and assign to CitizenShift the non-exclusive right to display and distribute the work, worldwide and in perpetuity.

- CitizenShift may use the works, in whole or in part, for the purposes of promoting the Site and the Work. Every effort will be made by the CitizenShift Web team to inform the Collaborator who uploaded the work if and when the piece is to be shown in a public venue.



The CitizenShift mandate is 'Online Media for Social Change' and therefore all content submitted to the site will be considered by the editorial team to be appropriate to our mandate.

The CitizenShift editorial team decides collectively on the appropriateness of the work and, if accepted, will assign it accordingly within the site. Please expect a delay of up to two business days before your work appears on the site.

Here is what we are looking for:

- CitizenShift accepts materials in any genre (documentary, fiction, animation, experimental, etc), which, directly or indirectly describes, criticizes, exposes, celebrates or otherwise deals with the important social issues of our times.

-You can contribute short films (maximum 20mins. although exceptions on length are sometimes made), clips of a feature film, audio files (Podcasts), photographs and/or text documents. You can also suggest pertinent Web sites and contribute their links. All content, including links, must contain the author's name, a short description of the work.

Here is what we will not accept:

Any material that is libellous, racist, sexist, and obscene or contains hate propaganda is not accepted on this site.

Works considered as announcements, publicity or advertisements are permitted only if they are considered by the editorial team to be pertinent and relevant to the mandate of the site.

We shall treat your contribution as content in which you hold all rights and which you agree to allow to be reproduced, published, broadcast, transmitted to others, modified or used in any other way for the purposes of this site. CitizenShift shall not, however, be held liable for how this material is used.


For further information regarding these Terms and Conditions, or for any other inquiries, please contact us at:
citizen [at] nfb [dot] ca.

Thanks for visiting CitizenShift.