Mila Aung-Thwin
EyeSteelFilm 4475 St. Laurent Montreal, Quebec (514) 937-4893

Mila Aung-Thwin is one of five filmmakers who are directing a 'Racism at Work' short. Mila's film, entitled Voice Job, began shooting in March 2006. It explores a company, Voice Job that uses alternative means to break the barriers to employment.

Based in Montreal, Mila is an accomplished young social filmmaker, director and producer. After a multi-disciplinary education in arts, journalism, and photography, he was fortunate enough to meet documentary maverick Daniel Cross (the Street: a film with the homeless) in 1998. Over the course of the next 3 years, he learned documentary cinema on the streets and gutters of Montreal and Toronto serving as cinematographer/producer on SPIT: Squeegee Punks in Traffic, a theatrically-released film about a squeegee punk named Roach.Together with Cross, Mila founded the production house EyeSteelFilm with Daniel Cross in 2001 in order to create, produce and distribute provocative moving pictures of all kinds.

Mila's other NFB productions include: Inuuvunga - I Am Inuk, I Am Alive and Music for a Blue Train.


  • Too Colourful for the League (2000) (director, cinematographer) about the history of black hockey players and racism in the NHL. Bronze plaque-Columbus festival; Gemini nomination; Banff nomination.
  • SPIT: Squeegee Punks in Traffic (2001) (cinematographer, producer) Life of a Montreal punk, from street kid to filmmaker over the course of 3 years. A top-10 theatrical release in Canada 2002-2003.
  • Roachtrip (2002) (producer) Roach directs his first film, a cross-Canada punk odyssey to the fruit orchards of B.C. trying to escape the urban drug life. FCMM festival (Montreal); Nemo Festival (France); Kinoglaz (Russia) 2nd place prize.
  • Music for A Blue Train (2003) (director) A lyrical journey through the Montreal subway's busker scene. Broadcast: Bravo!
  • Inuuvunga: I am Inuk, I am alive (2004) (co-director) follows 8 Inuit teenagers from Inukjuak, Nunavik (home of Nanook) during their final year of high school. Yorkton festival, Festival 3 Ameriques (Quebec).
  • Chairman George (2005) (cinematographer, co-director, producer) The life of George Sapounidis, a Greek-Canadian statistician who is also a folk China. Broadcast: BBC, CTV
  • BONE (2005) (cinematographer, director, producer) Follows the making of the first Canada/China modern dance project, BONE. The film profiles Canadian choreographer Nadine Thouin and the "father of modern dance in China, Willy Tsao and they work together in China and Canada. Broadcast: Bravo!