Hide And Go Homeless

A controversial documentary by youth from Victoria exploring the issue of homelessness and poverty.

In September 2004, as part of a pre-employment program, a handful of young people with no previous experience set out to make a documentary film about poverty and homelessness in Victoria. All of the filmmakers faced particular issues in their lives that made securing employment difficult. Coordinated by a social worker who had no filmmaking experience outside of a one-week crash course, these youth created an emotionally and politically charged film that challenges the way society and government portrays and addresses the issue of homelessness and poverty.

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Hide And Go Homeless

How can a family stay together on the street? What obstacles face a baby born on the street? Do all homeless people panhandle?For video copies and more information, contact Roderick Taylor (250) 360-2913...

Video - citizenshift - 01/03/2005 - 00:00 - 2 comments

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