Close is a website created for and by homeless communities where they can voice their own concerns and create their own media.

It's homelessness action week and we'd love to hear from you about this issue.

Homeless Nation, the feature of this dossier, is a website with a vast outreach inititave that helps foster a national dialogue around the most serious social problem facing us today: homelessness. It provides a rare opportunity for homeless community members to voice their own concerns, to create their own media and to engage in dialogue with one another and with a broader general audience.

Find out more about how the site came to be and discover a wealth of complimentary media on the issue right here!

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Two young activists voice their concerns about certain challenges facing the homeless community. This clip sheds lights on the fact that cities spray water on certain locales, all in the hopes of flushing the homeless out of sight - and arguably out of min...

Video - citizenshift - 28/01/2008 - 16:29 - 2 comments

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