Unschooling the Next Generation

Often referred to as "homeschooling", "unschooling" is an alternative education practice that rejects the rigid institutional demands of a traditional educational environments.

What is "unschooling"?   Does our new generation benefit from this form of learning?   Is it a more natural learning process?   What do the students have to say about learning this way?

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the nature of unschooling: experience learning

Early in an exploration of life outside of schools, an unschooling parent ponders about what is more natural for a young person: to sit at a desk for hours and follow curriculum, or to poke around in a stream and follow their natural curiosity. Filmed i...

Video - Beatrice Ekoko - 29/10/2007 - 19:37 - 2 comments

Play, Nature's way of learning

Parent Question: "My daughter has been out of school for three months now and all she wants to do is play. Whenever I try to get her to sit down and learn, she resists me. I'm worried she'll never start learning and that we'll end up always fighting. What ...

Article - citizenshift - 18/02/2008 - 13:46 - 2 comments

A Delicate Intervention...

The days between it's first out-of-the-nest experience, and it's first time taking flight...would be the most vulnerable time for an urban baby robin I imagine... CATS.The day it magically arrived in our garden; perching itself atop a wrought iron railing....

Image - knighthawk - 19/06/2011 - 13:16 - 2 comments

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