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Ni hao from Ningbo

The 5th World Women’s Boxing competition is officially underway in China!

Ameesha and I are here in Ningbo, China, with the Indian Women’s National Boxing Team as they compete in this world championship. To jog your memory, the team won an impressive eight medals (out of 13 categories) at the last competition in Delhi in 2006 and became the best boxing team in the world. All eyes are on them.

This time, they have seven boxers participating. Below is a shot of the team outside the arena in Ningbo. Two reigning world champions, Mary Kom (back row, third from left) and Sarita Devi (on Mary’s right) are here to defend their titles. Usha (back row, first from left) won a silver medal two years ago and is hoping to win again. The four other medalists from the last competition are missing in action (due to injuries, having children, poor performance, etc.).

The opening ceremonies on Nov. 22, 2008 featured half a dozen Chinese dance troups performing everything from Latin dances (see the women in blue) to traditional yoyo presentations.

Three-time world champion Mary Kom is back in the ring after taking two years off to have twin boys. During her first fight of the competition, she reaffirmed her dominance. She won easily: 24 to 1.

The competition features over 200 competitors from 43 countries and continues until Nov. 29.

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