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Strangest Dream podcast sent out on the intertubes…

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Just a quick note to say that this is a lucky day for all you RSS subscribers. Just sent out all five parts of the Strangest Dream podcast. And for those of you who aren’t subscribed yet - what are you waiting for? Go to and click the subscribe icon (the orange and white icon) in the top right corner of the header. You’ll never miss a podcast episode again!

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Dreaming of a nuclear weapon-free world

Will the next generation see a nuclear weapon-free world?

Will the next generation see a nuclear weapon-free world?

When the Allies defeated Germany in World War II, the outlook many had on the war changed drastically. While Japan continued to fight, many felt it was only a matter of time before the war in the east ended as well. The Manhattan Project - the code name for the endeavor to develop the first nuclear weapon - had begun in order to counter Nazi Germany and its allies. But when Germany surrendered, the project continued. One scientist walked away, though, based on his moral objections to the eventual use of the bomb. Physicist Joseph Rotblat would go on to dedicate his life’s work to ending nuclear proliferation, eventually earning a Nobel Peace Prize, alongside the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs he helped found in 1957.

The life and work of Joseph Rotblat is explored in the new NFB documentary The Strangest Dream. And while the film looks at Rotblat’s extraordinary past, it also provokes questions for modern society and about our future. To dig deeper into these questions, panel discussions were held following a series of cross-Canada screenings, featuring some of Canada’s - and the world’s - leading experts on nuclear disarmament and the non-proliferation movement, including Walter Dorn, Sergei Plekhanov and Douglas Roche.

To push debate and awareness of the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons further, we filmed the discussions and produced a 5-episode podcast available on the site for viewing, sharing and commenting. Ranging from the life of Joseph Rotblat, to the contemporary threat of nuclear bombs, to what a Barack Obama presidency may mean for nuclear proliferation, the pieces cover the gamut of issues facing the non-proliferation movement today. You can watch - and download - them all at

To find out more about the film and information about screenings, visit

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