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Hi folks!

Great news: after being a little dormant lately, we’re back in force with a series of daily updates on the climate change conference taking place this week in Copenhagen. The Canadian Youth Delegation to Copenhagen are reporting everyday on the happenings at this crucial event. Listen below, or on our podcast page & don’t forget to subscribe! More on the climate change negotiations and CYD Copenhage at

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100, 101… and your favorite CS podcasts!

Episodes 100, Popular Resistance Facing Repression in Mexico, went up last week, and Episode 101, Olympic Resistance, just went up today. Two podcasts on two widely different topics, but both do what we love here at CitizenShift: putting forward voices and ideas you won’t usually find in the mainstream media. As always, we’d love to hear your comments about either piece.

The debate about the Olympics is on that continues to grow though - what do you think of its role in community development, and its impact on communities in Vancouver, Whistler and beyond? Leave your comments, or upload your own media here.

In last week’s podcast we announced that you had chosen Bumpig heads with the police as your favortie CS podcast episode to date. But also voted for a wide range of pieces. So here they are, listed below for your listening pleasure. Congrats to everyone who was picked!
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Only three days left to vote…

cake3Episode 100 is fast approaching and so is the deadline to vote for your favorite CITIZENShift podcast episodes! Check out our list of 20 of our favorites to kick things off - but vote for any of the episodes from the last three years that you liked. Vote by emailing us at or by posting in the comments section here.

Remember deadline is Wednesday at midnight, and we’ll announce your choice on Thursday.

Happy voting!

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Help celebrate our 100th episode!

You may have noticed that we’re rapidly approaching the 100th episode of the CitizenShift podcast. It’s an exciting accomplishment for us: we’ve seen the podcast series change and evolve over the years – take pauses and restart. Of course, it would never have been possible without the support of you, our listeners. Or without the amazing content we’ve had submitted by dozens of contributors, whether activists, journalists or engaged citizens. A special thankks also to Matthew Forsythe and Dave Ron, past podcast coordinators here at CS.

To highlight the amazing content we’ve featured so far, we want to put together a ‘best of’ of the CitizenShift podcast, but for that we need your help. We want you to let us know your favorite, or favourites, from the CS podcast episode so far.

To kick things off, below we’ve listed 20 of our favourites. You don’t need to pick from that list – you can nominate any episode, or episodes, you’d like. We’ll post the top 10, with links, here on the blog when the 100th episode goes up.Voting starts now - either email us at or leave a message below - and goes until midnight, Wednesday Aug. 12th.

Here’s the list - happy voting!

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Ep. 98 online: Taking Toronto’s Streets

Just a quick note, Episode 98 is now online. In Taking Toronto’s Streets, Dan Kellar interviews participants and organisers in Spring 2009’s protests by the Canadian Tamil community while the bloody civil war between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam and the Sri Lankan government raged on.

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Canada’s National (In)Security 2009

Episode 97 is up! Amy Miller brings us Canada’s National (In)Security 2009, an incisive round-up of ongoing controversies surrounding Canadian national security practices.

It was four years ago, in 2005, that CITIZENShift first began to explore the balance between national security measures and the protection of civil liberties, human rights and due process. At the time the debate around Canada national security measures had hit a fever pitch; it was in that context that we launched Measuring Security Measures.

MSM was a nation-wide tour aimed at digging deeper into gorwing concerns about government action following Sept. 11, 2001, and the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.While much has changed since then, a lot has remained the same, and we’re excited to bring Amy’s update to the CS podcast.

You can listen here, and of course, if you enjoy the piece, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

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Ep. 93: Colombia Beyond the Wall, part 1

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe didn’t pass unnoticed in Montreal last week during the 15th International Economic Forum of the Americas. In town to promote free-trade, protesters gathered outside to denounce his government’s human rights abuses. What was all the fuss about? Get a better idea from this week’s podcast episode, Colombia Beyond the Wall, part 1, by Blandine Juchs.

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Strangest Dream podcast sent out on the intertubes…

Hi Folks!

Just a quick note to say that this is a lucky day for all you RSS subscribers. Just sent out all five parts of the Strangest Dream podcast. And for those of you who aren’t subscribed yet - what are you waiting for? Go to and click the subscribe icon (the orange and white icon) in the top right corner of the header. You’ll never miss a podcast episode again!

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Dreaming of a nuclear weapon-free world

Will the next generation see a nuclear weapon-free world?

Will the next generation see a nuclear weapon-free world?

When the Allies defeated Germany in World War II, the outlook many had on the war changed drastically. While Japan continued to fight, many felt it was only a matter of time before the war in the east ended as well. The Manhattan Project - the code name for the endeavor to develop the first nuclear weapon - had begun in order to counter Nazi Germany and its allies. But when Germany surrendered, the project continued. One scientist walked away, though, based on his moral objections to the eventual use of the bomb. Physicist Joseph Rotblat would go on to dedicate his life’s work to ending nuclear proliferation, eventually earning a Nobel Peace Prize, alongside the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs he helped found in 1957.

The life and work of Joseph Rotblat is explored in the new NFB documentary The Strangest Dream. And while the film looks at Rotblat’s extraordinary past, it also provokes questions for modern society and about our future. To dig deeper into these questions, panel discussions were held following a series of cross-Canada screenings, featuring some of Canada’s - and the world’s - leading experts on nuclear disarmament and the non-proliferation movement, including Walter Dorn, Sergei Plekhanov and Douglas Roche.

To push debate and awareness of the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons further, we filmed the discussions and produced a 5-episode podcast available on the site for viewing, sharing and commenting. Ranging from the life of Joseph Rotblat, to the contemporary threat of nuclear bombs, to what a Barack Obama presidency may mean for nuclear proliferation, the pieces cover the gamut of issues facing the non-proliferation movement today. You can watch - and download - them all at

To find out more about the film and information about screenings, visit

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Episode 85 & some podcast news!

If you’ve visited CITIZENShift lately, you may have noticed something new. This Tuesday we launched our latest redesign, aimed to improve navigability and community interaction. While I think the whole site looks and runs better, particularly exciting to me is that our podcast is now integrated into the main site at We will continue to post to the blog whenever we have a new episode out, but instead of embedding the audio, we’ll link you back to the actual podcast episode’s page. Don’t worry, we’ve kept the same feed address, so if you’ve subscribed via RSS or Feedburner, you’ll still receive episodes automatically.

Beyond keeping what we already featured, you’ll now be able to browse all of our podcast episodes in one convenient place, streaming or downloading them from the main page, or clicking on them to visit the dedicated episode page. We’ll also be introducnig handy links for one-click subscriptions via iTunes, Zune, and (once it is possible) for the open-source Songbird.

Our first episode to inaugurate the new page is part one of a two-part series, Pathways to Your Plate, by Roberto Nieto and Lili Eskinazi. Entitled Dignified Rage, in this first part, they visit the Festival of Dignified Rage organised by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, and examine the ties between agricultural work and broader issues of political and economic autonomy.

Click here to listen on our new podcast page.

Or: Listen to Episode #85 Pathways to Your Plate: Part 1 (Running time: 15:37)

Download mp3

Roberto and Lili have also been writing about their trip over at the Pathways to Your Plate blog.

One last thing: we’ve been nearly overwhelmed with the number of incredible submissions we’ve been receiving. So much so, that we can’t handle posting them every two weeks. So from now until mid-April, at least, you’ll be able to listen to a new episode every week! I hope you enjoy listening to them as much I have!

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