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Luke Fandrich: Screened in South Korea and Studying in Regina

Luke Fandrich, a Make Shorts, Not War! finalist who made the film A Chill in the Air featured in the Youth for Peace and Conflict Resolution section of CITIZENShift, is now at the start of his final year in the film production program at the University of Regina. He continues to build a strong portfolio and shares his work in student festivals. He says that,

[…]my goal and focus now is to finish my academic career, and beyond that, I can only generalize and say that I’ll be throwing myself to wolves out in the real world soon enough to start a whole new kind of learning and build on some already amazing experiences.


After A Chill in the Air, Luke has made, among other films, a short film entitled Keys to Existence, which was screened at the BUDi2006 digital media festival in Busan, South Korea. The film was, in his own words, “another video poem about peace and the fragile chemistry between humankind, our environment and ourselves.”phpx7bua5am.jpg

He feels that the Make Shorts, Not War! contest was the catalyst that lead him to taking more chances with his work in both how he makes his films and the places that he submits them to. He notes that “[his] whole experience in making Chill and going through the contest gave [him] the realization that even the smallest ideas can have a huge impact.”

He also mentions that he has managed to develop and share a broad range of personal projects to prepare himself for the challenges ahead through the motivation of those in the same position as himself and his new blog — which is about his life as a film student and his experiences leading to a professional career in media production.

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